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Best Monthly Budget Website At iSpentmoney.com, you can track your monthly spending and keep your family budget. Easy to use and simple to set up,


Best Monthly Budget Website

iSpentmoney is simply the Best and EASIEST to Use Spending Tracker out there. And it is 100% Free to Use.

Simply sign in, create your budget and start tracking your spending.

Free Online Family Budget

Invite Your spouse or Family to Join in our your budget. When anyone in the Family spends money, everyone receives an email alert.

Easy to start and satisfying to maintain.

Best Monthly Budget Apps

1). Easy Log in. 2). Free to Use. 3). Set Categories and Budget. 4). Invite Others to your Budget. 5). Review your spending. 6). No Linking to Bank

It is Just an Easy and Free Spending Tracker. Try it. If you hate it, than leave it. It doesn't matter.

Best Spending Tracker Online

Economic scientists say that psychologically when we track our spending, we are more budget conscious, spend less and are happier. We become more disciplined spenders.

Fn Budget is a great and simple app to track your family’s budget. Your budget will automatically start over when the month changes. But your spending history will always be viewable.


Don’t spend money on a budget app. If you are looking for something simple and intuitive, you can start your monthly budget for free at iSpentmoney.com.


Recent Blogs

The Best Marriage Budget App

A marriage budget app that is easy.

When I got married, our finances were out of control.  My wife spent all the money she made, and I spent all the money that I made.  Neither of us knew what the other was spending our money on because we didn’t mingle our money and didn’t share our purchases.

This non-accountable, non-budgeting marriage worked, until it didn’t.

We had our first child and we needed a bigger apartment.  But, we couldn’t afford one, because we hadn’t been saving ANY money.  We were both literally working pay check to pay check.  I was spending money on restaurants and golf and my wife was spending money on clothes.

We decided that we needed to be more transparent in our marriage about our spending.

We started by opening a shared bank account that we occasionally glanced at to see what we were each spending our money on.  But, we got lazy and resorted to prior spending habits and mentalities.

We ended up in Debt

And I don’t do debt very well.  It keeps me awake at night and I get stressed and anxious.  I don’t like spending someone else’s money.

We tried all of the budget apps online, but none of them worked

Some were too involved, requiring us to enter our life’s history of finances.  Others required us to link our bank accounts (which we found useless, as our bank was already keeping track of our spending).  Some required a monthly fee.

Finally we invented a paper system

And it worked for a while.  We kept receipts and tracked our spending by category.  Soon, we looked into whether we could hire someone to digitize our paper tracking system.  With some fine tuning and adjusting we ended up with I Spent Money.  It works for us.  When we spend money, we track it.  We know what we are buying.  Our marriage has improved and we are debt free and saving.