How does I Spent Money Work?

1). Easy Sign In

Easy sign in and registration.  We don’t ask for a lot of details, just enough to securely sign you in and start tracking spending.

2). Set Your Budget by Categories

You can add as many categories to your budget as you’d like.  From rent, to food, to pet supplies, etc.  For every category, add a budget.  Then click Save.

3).  Add New Categories and Budgets at Any Time

Some budget apps will require you to set all of your categories at the beginning of your budget period and then you cannot change it.  What happens if an unexpected purchase comes up?  Let’s be flexible.

4). Invite Your Spouse to your Budget

Just click on the invite members button and enter your spouse’s email (or anyone that you want to partner with on your budget).  They will receive an email to login and they will be joined in with your budget.  Now, it becomes a group spending tracker.  Anytime you spend money and enter it into the budget, they receive an email detailing your purchase.  Anytime your spouse spends money and enters it into the spending tracker, you will receive an email.

5). Easy Spending Tracker

Anytime you spend money, just click on the “I Spent Money” button.

6).  Enter your Expenses

Just type in how much you spent and the category you spent it in.

7).  Review Your Spending History

Your spending history is saved and can be reviewed at anytime.